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ベルセルク (Japanese) ; 剑风传奇 (Simplified Chinese) ; 烙印勇士 (Traditional Chinese); Berserk (English) ; 베르세르크 (Korean); Berserk!! ; Beruseruku ; Kiếm Sĩ Đen (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV); Berserk Prototype ; Berserk the Prototype ; เบอร์เซิร์ก (Thai); الهائج (Arabic)

The dark fantasy manga series known as Berserk was created by Kentaro Miura, who also drew the accompanying illustrations. The story takes place in a dark fantasy world that is centered on the characters of Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the commander of a mercenary gang known as the Band of the Hawk. The setting is in a medieval Europe-divine universe. The story explores both the most admirable and the most deplorable aspects of human nature, and as a result, it is permeated throughout with themes of both community and solitude, as well as the issue of whether humanity as a whole is fundamentally good or terrible. Both the anime and the manga have garnered attention for their use of graphic violence and explicit sexual material.

Guts in Berserk manga

When Guts departs the Hawks to pursue his own vision, the Hawks are first hailed as heroes for their part in ending the century-long conflict that had been wreaking havoc on the state of Midland. However, Griffith’s hopes of one day ruling his own kingdom are dashed in the process. Griffith, who was unable to come to terms with the death of his wife, is sentenced to a year in the cell and attempts to woo Charlotte, the King’s daughter. Griffith has been reduced to a silent shell of his former self ever since Guts helped the banned remains of the Hawks and learned about this in order to rescue him. Since that time, Griffith has been horribly disfigured. Of comprehending his body, the weight is too damaged for him to accomplish; he mistakenly triggers the behelit on his guy, and his desires demonstrate that there is too much for Griffith to take into consideration. This leads the Hawks to a separate aircraft in the location where they encounter archdemons known as the four God Hand serving in the Eclipse service. The eldritch entities urge Griffith to hand up his warriors to the apostles, who, like Zodd, have sacrificed humanity and their closest loved ones for the power of the God Hand. By doing this, Griffith is able to become the last member of the God Hand and fulfill his destiny of becoming its leader. Guts sees his fellow soldiers brutally murdered, despite the fact that he and his beloved Casca are spared from imminent death by the unidentified Skull Knight. However, Guts still sees his fellow soldiers killed. After being raped by the reincarnated Griffith, now known as Femto, Intestines suffers the loss of an eye and an arm, while Casca is driven insane by the experience.

In 1988, Miura presented the first version of the Berserk manga to the public.

Guts finds himself going through a nightmare torture after stumbling upon Farnese of the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church, which culminates with Griffith having his bodily type restored. Guts takes Casca to the Elven kingdom of Elfhelm for safety with the assistance of his new allies, while Griffith forms a second Band of the Hawk and recruits Zodd and other Apostles to serve in its ranks in order to fight the invading Kushan military. Griffith’s goal is to repel the Kushan invasion. The conflict between the Kushan emperor and Griffith, a renegade apostle, reaches its climax with the destruction of the emperor and the merging of the supernatural and the natural worlds. Griffith, who is no longer threatened by either good or evil, establishes his dominion over Midland with the blessing of the Pope and Princess Charlotte. He also founds the city of Falconia in order to protect the people of Midland from the ever-increasing attacks of fantastic animals.