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Black Five Leaf Grass

An explanation of the manga in a nutshell BELT OF BLACK CLOVER:

When Asta and Yuno were younger, they were left behind in the same church together. The two were inseparable throughout their whole lives, but they also had a healthy competitive spirit. They made a solemn oath to one another that one of them would eventually rise to the position of magic king, and as a result, their objective was crystal clear. As it turned out, Yuno was a prodigy in the magical arts, but Asta was unable to utilize magic and instead trained his physique to compensate for his lack of magical ability.
Yuno’s real strength is abruptly revealed when she is put in a perilous situation immediately after receiving a mystery grimoire that has a four-leaf clover instead of the more common three-leaf clover. He is successful in obtaining the anti-magic grimoire known as “Black Clover.” The two people, who are both friends and adversaries, set off on their adventure with the same objective in mind.

Black Clover (Japanese: ブラッククローバー, Hepburn: Burakku Kurōbā) is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Yūki Tabata. Since February 2015, it has been published as a serial in the young adult manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump published by Shueisha. As of November 2022, its episodes have been compiled in a total of 33 tankbon volumes. The protagonist of the narrative is a little kid named Asta who was born without any magical abilities. This is a mystery to the world in which he lives since it would seem that everyone has some kind of magical ability. Asta has ambitions of becoming the next Wizard King, and he is working toward this goal with his fellow mages from the Black Bulls.

The manga was first turned into an original video animation that was developed by Xebec Zwei and made available in the year 2017. This story was adapted into an anime television series by Pierrot, and it was shown in Japan on TV Tokyo from October 2017 all the way through March 2021. In March of 2023, an animated movie with the working title Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is scheduled to make its debut in cinemas in Japan as well as on Netflix.

Viz Media has the license for the English edition of the manga in North America, while Crunchyroll is the company that holds the license for the anime series.


The main character of the series is Asta, a young boy who is an orphan who was abandoned to grow up in an orphanage along with another orphan named Yuno. Although everyone is born with the potential to harness mana in the form of magical power, Asta, who does not have access to magic, instead concentrates on developing her physical prowess. Yuno, on the other hand, was a genius from birth, endowed with enormous magical strength and the ability to exert control over wind magic.

The two young men became friendly rivals due to their shared aspiration to one day succeed the current Wizard King as the ruler of Clover Kingdom. The Wizard King is the second-highest authority figure in the kingdom. Yuno acquires a fabled grimoire with four leaves that was formerly in the possession of the kingdom’s first Wizard King. The four-leaf grimoire is an extremely uncommon grimoire that is only presented to the most formidable of magi. In spite of the fact that Asta had any magical ability, he was able to acquire a mystery five-leaf grimoire. This grimoire is said to include a pair of unusual elven swords as well as a bodyless member of the Devil race who employs uncommon anti-magic. After that, both he and Yuno take the first step toward achieving their goals by becoming members of separate Magic Knight squads.

Yuno joins the ranks of the Golden Dawn, while Asta and Noelle Silva become members of the Black Bulls. Yami Sukehiro is the leader of the Black Bulls. They get involved in a variety of adventures while at the same time facing off against a radical organization known as the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the leadership of which is being manipulated by a Devil in order to exact revenge on the Elves for an injustice committed against them by the Clover Kingdom when it was first established. After this, the Magic Knights go up against the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom, during which Asta and Yuno discover about the impact that their respective Devils have had on their lives, as well as the Dark Triad’s desire to completely materialize the Devils into their realm.