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Boku no Hero Academia

The following is a synopsis of the manga series My Hero Academia:

A reality that Midoriya Izuku must confront as he is bullied by his classmates who each possess their own special ability. Izuku is one of the very unusual individuals who was not born with a superpower.

Despite this, he never stops working toward realizing his ambition of one day being a great superhero like “All-Might.” To be able to live out this goal, he intends to enroll at Yueiko, which he considers to be the most prestigious “hero academy” the nation has to offer. Will he be able to see his goal realized?

My Hero Academia (Japanese:, Hepburn: Boku no Hru Akademia) is a superhero manga series written and drawn by Khei Horikoshi. The title literally translates to “School for Heroes” in Japanese. Since July 2014, it has been published as a serial in the young adult manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump published by Shueisha. Additionally, as of October 2022, its chapters have been compiled into a total of 36 tankbon volumes. The narrative focuses on Izuku Midoriya, a young man who, despite the fact that he was not born with a Quirk, has the desire to one day become a superhero while living in a world where superpowers, known as “Quirks,” have grown ubiquitous. He is given his Quirk by All Might, Japan’s greatest hero, when he recognizes Midoriya’s potential and bestows it onto him. All Might also assists Midoriya in enrolling at a prominent high school that specializes in the education of future superheroes.

The manga has established a media brand, having inspired various spin-off publications such as “My Hero Academia: Smash!!,” “My Hero Academia: Vigilantes,” and “My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions,” amongst others. The series has been adapted into light novels, plays for the stage, and countless other forms of commerce and media, such as a trading card game and a multitude of video games. This story is now being told in the form of an anime television series that is being created by Bones. Following the first season, which aired in Japan from April to June 2016, came the second season, which ran from April to September 2017, the third season, which ran from April to September 2018, the fourth season, which ran from October 2019 to April 2020, the fifth season, which ran from March to September 2021, and the sixth season, which began airing in October 2022. In addition to that, it has been adapted into three animated movies, which have been given the titles My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, respectively. In addition to that, it has produced eight original video animations (OVAs), each of which comes packaged with a limited edition of a number of different volumes of the manga. Legendary Entertainment is working on scripting and developing a live-action movie.

Viz Media was awarded the right to publish the manga series in North America, and the first volume was released by the company in August of 2015. It was also published at the same time in their online iteration of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. On the Manga Plus online platform, Shueisha has started doing simultaneous publication of the series in both English and Japanese. Crunchyroll has acquired the rights to distribute the anime series through streaming platforms, as well as for home and broadcast distribution, as well as for retail sales. In May of 2018, the English dubbed version made its debut on the Toonami programming block of Adult Swim.

My Hero Academia has been a huge financial success, and it has been included on the list of best-selling books published by The New York Times on many occasions. One of the manga series that has had the most success commercially is the one that, as of January 2022, has over 65 million copies in circulation. This number does not include the sales of any spin-offs. Reviewers have praised the manga for its art, characters, story, fight scenes, and the use of pop culture references to Western superhero comics; the anime series has received additional praise for its animation, music, pacing, and voice performances in both Japanese and English. The critical reception has also been positive. Both the manga and the anime have been recognized with a number of accolades, including the Sugoi Japan Award and the Harvey Award for Best Manga. Additionally, both the manga and the anime have been nominated for Anime of the Year at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards on two separate occasions.


The events of My Hero Academia take place in a world in which the majority of people have acquired the ability to develop superpowers known as “Quirks” (, Kosei). These powers typically emerge in children before the age of four, and it is estimated that approximately 80 percent of the population of the world possesses at least one Quirk. There is an infinite amount of quirks, and it is quite unusual to find two individuals who have the exact same power, unless they are closely connected to one another. Exceptions include situations in which two persons share a parent. A select number of the people who have been given a Quirk are given the label of Hero because they help the government in rescue missions and in apprehending criminals who misuse their abilities, who are more frequently referred to as Villains. Heroes may be found among the Quirk-enhanced humans. In addition, Heroes that do very well in their roles are elevated to the rank of “Pro Heroes” (, Puro Hr), which is Japanese for “celebrity.” The popularity of most heroes is determined by their ranks, with higher-ranking heroes getting greater popularity and public appeal. However, it is not unheard of for rookie heroes to achieve such a level of fame too.

During the early stages of the existence of Heroes, the name “Vigilantes” (Japanese:, Vijirante) was given to those individuals who volunteered to do their heroic responsibilities without first obtaining permission. Due to the restrictions and Quirk limitation laws that are administered by the Hero Public Safety Commission (, Hru Kan Iinkai), those pupils who have previously behaved as vigilantes are not permitted to function as heroes. Although the practice of vigilantism is intrinsically unlawful, the vigilantes themselves are seen by the legal system as being on a legal spectrum. The Hero Public Safety Commission at first engaged vigilantes to perform their dirty work; but, as they grew too organized for the vigilantes to deal with in an appropriate manner, they decided to forgo the plan and instead focus on hiring Pro Heroes to do the job. People have entertained the idea of donning costumes; but, since they do not have access to support corporations in the same way that heroes have, they have resorted to making their outfits out of everyday clothing or whatever else they can get their hands on.

There are two different kinds of internships that provide candidates with the possibility of being hired by a Pro Hero. The first kind of internship is called a Hero Agency Internship, and it’s the kind in which the Pro Heroes occasionally submit a request to the students who want to work under them. One example of when this may happen is after the Sports Festival. A student will simply spend one week following around a Pro Hero, during which time they will ask for guidance and observe the Pro Hero in their daily activities. Because they do not have licenses, the pupils are not allowed to legally work as heroes. The second kind of program is called the Hero Work-Study, and it’s designed to help students get their Hero Licenses once they’ve passed the Provisional Hero License Exam. They are given the same level of respect as genuine sidekicks, which enables them to take part in rescue activities whenever there is an emergency. This not only gives them the opportunity to obtain real-world experience, but it also raises their profile among other Pro Heroes, who may be interested in hiring them when they graduate as full-time sidekicks.


Izuku Midoriya is a young guy who has aspirations of being a Hero, while being tormented by his violent childhood buddy Katsuki Bakugo for not having a Quirk. Katsuki Bakugo has always looked down on Izuku since he does not have a Quirk. Both youngsters adore one of the world’s greatest heroes All Might whom they met, with Izuku being one of few to know of a severe injury In order to keep morale up, All Might has been keeping some things hidden from the populace. After seeing Izuku’s resoluteness in the face of peril, All Might exposes the workings of his Quirk, which is called “One for All,” and bestows it onto him as his successor. Izuku started his quest to become a hero at the U.A. High School with Bakugo and his pals from Class 1-A. The League of Villains, lead by Tomura Shigaraki, infiltrated the building a few months before the students were scheduled to begin their training at the U.S.J. facility. However, the majority of the students fought back against the intruders. After the arrival of the Pro Heroes, the criminals were vanquished, and Shigaraki and his League went back to their stronghold to proclaim that they were unsuccessful. After an incident, the students take part in the Sports Festival for the chance to show off their Quirks and talents in order for Pro Heroes to employ them. In the midst of all of the alliances and battles, Izuku is able to assist his fellow student Shoto Todoroki. Shoto had refused to use the fire powers in his left hand due to his relationship with his father, Endeavor, after observing that his father had abused his mother in the past. Izuku was able to convince Shoto to use the fire powers in his left hand.

After the Sports Festival, the students participate in internships, during which Izuku receives instruction from Gran Torino, who was All Might’s previous instructor, on how to obtain control of his Quirk. Meanwhile, evil starts moving in Hosu City when Stain enters, ultimately leading to a showdown with the League of Villains. Izuku engages in combat with Stain during an event in order to rescue Tenya Iida, who is intent on exacting vengeance after his elder brother is hurt. With the assistance of Shoto, they successfully overcome Stain and given up to the police. As the time for the final examinations draws near, All Might arranges a meeting with Izuku during which he reveals the truth about the genesis of One For All and the identity of the enigmatic antagonist known as All For One, who has the capacity to both take and confer Quirks. When it comes time for the students’ final examinations, they are pitted against their instructors in a head-to-head competition. In this particular event, Bakugo is compelled to join forces with Izuku in order to overcome All Might and succeed in the examination. Following the conclusion of the first semester, the students are sent to a summer training camp in order to hone their abilities and develop their Quirks. In spite of this, the League of Villains, who had previously been successful in capturing Bakugo, unexpectedly launched an assault on our heroes. Bakugo declines Shigaraki’s invitation to become a member of the organization despite his efforts. Izuku and his classmates are able to successfully rescue Bakugo on their own as the Pro Heroes penetrate the lair of the League of Villains; nevertheless, the arrival of All For One brings with it the worry that a terrible force would strike everyone. As a terrible and hard-hitting combat, he is vanquished by All Might, whose hero career is brought to an end after he uses the remaining embers of One For All, and All For One is incarcerated in the Maximum Security Prison “Tartarus.”

Izuku and the other students in his class studied for their Provisional Hero License Exam, bringing them one step closer to becoming fully-fledged Heroes. With the exception of Bakugo and Todoroki, they were able to prevail over the competition presented by the other schools, which they ultimately passed and gained their licenses for. In the aftermath of the event, Bakugo meets Izuku and reveals that he has deduced the truth about Izuku’s Quirk. After Bakugo challenges him to a battle in order to cope with his guilt, All Might reassures Bakugo and tells him the truth about One For All. In exchange, Bakugo asks All Might to keep the truth about One For All a secret for him and the others. The students are eligible to participate in Hero Work-Studies since they have the necessary permits. Izuku collaborates with Sir Nighteye, who was once All Might’s sidekick. Sir Nighteye is of the opinion that Izuku is destined to become the unsuccessful successor of One For All. In the meanwhile, the head of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul, is working with a young woman called Eri to develop a Quirk-Destroying Drug that would allow them to restore the yakuza to their former glory. After discovering that Eri existed and that the Shie Hassaikai had plans to carry them out, a group of Heroes led by Izuku and consisting of Mirio Togata and his classmates carried out a raid on the headquarters of the yakuza in an effort to rescue Eri and put a stop to the Shie Hassaikai as well. Izuku is able to successfully rescue Eri and defeat Overhaul in combat with the assistance of his companions, but Sir Nighteye loses his life as a result of their efforts. Izuku was able to prevent Gentle Criminal and La Brava from carrying out their plot to enter the U.A. High while his classmates were busy making preparations for the school festival. Later on, Endeavor becomes the new number one hero on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart and assumes the mantle of the previous number one hero. A discussion over the direction that hero society would go in the future was held between Endeavor and the No. 2 Hero Hawks. Shortly after that, a High-End Nomu by the name of Hood appears, and Endeavor is able to dispatch of the monster by using his most powerful technique. Izuku experiences a dream in which he is faced with the relics of the former users of One for All. Izuku accidentally reawakens Blackwhip, one of the Quirks of the previous users, during a Joint Training exercise in which Class 1-A and 1-B, as well as Hitoshi Shinso, fight against each other in the combat. He then discovers that he will soon be inheriting the other five Quirks as well. Shinso receives a passing grade and his Class 1-A squad prevails in the training combat, so he is allowed to go on to the Hero Course for the second year. Bakugo and Todoroki have finally received their Provisional Hero Licenses after successfully completing the Hero License Course. Both of them have attempted the test in the past but were unsuccessful.

Tomura Shigaraki is challenged by All For One’s minions, Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Gigantomachia, to demonstrate that he is worthy of becoming All For One’s successor. The League of Villains encounters these individuals during their encounter with All For One. The League arrives in Deika City, where they are immediately confronted by the formidable criminal organization known as the Meta Liberation Army, which is commanded by Re-Destro. Following the conflict, the League of Villains joins forces with the Meta Liberation Army to form the Paranormal Liberation Front. Meanwhile, Hawks goes undercover and is eventually able to piece together the information gleaned from his research. In order for Shigaraki to acquire his ultimate strength, he participates in a surgery with Dr. Garaki. In the meanwhile, the Hero Public Safety Commission decides to commission an additional round of Hero Work-Studies. Todoroki, who has nowhere else to go, asks Izuku and Bakugo to come with him to the Endeavor Agency since they have nowhere else to go. After first being hesitant, Endeavor eventually gives in and decides to educate his interns to make use of their quirks after getting a message in code from Hawks. After another three months have passed, the Heroes launch an assault on the Paranormal Liberation Front while the Hero Students are tasked with evacuating the people. During the conflict, Izuku and his squad of Heroes engage in combat with Shigaraki, who is under the influence of All For One. Izuku is able to unlock Float and Danger Sense, two of One For All’s earlier Quirks, as a result of all of the events that take place. Even while some of the surviving Pro Heroes managed to survive on the front lines and others succeeded in evacuating the populace, they were not successful in stopping Shigaraki and the League from fleeing.

As a result of the events that transpired, a great number of cities were utterly destroyed, and the Heroes continued to rescue victims and apprehend criminals while also coping with their own fatalities. Meanwhile, the general populace began to lose trust in the hero society. As the Nomus attacked in Tartarus, All For One and the other people ultimately made their way out of there. The issue of Toya, the true name of Dabi, Shoto’s brother and a member of the League of Villains, is reconciled between Endeavor and his family so that they may work together to find a solution. Izuku gains more insight into the mysteries behind One For All and makes the decision to find a method by which he might “rescue” Shigaraki without really putting his life in danger. Izuku makes the decision to leave U.A. in order to shield his students from potential harm while assisting the Pro Heroes in their pursuit of the criminals now that All For One has evaded capture and the mysteries of “One For All” have begun to become known to the general public. Izuku’s manifestation of the Smokescreen quirk, which was inherited from the previous user of the One for All, occurs not long after. He then goes on to show how it was used in the battles against Muscular and the erstwhile hero Lady Nagant. Izuku’s classmates make the decision to hunt him down after seeing how difficult it is for him to continue fighting by himself, and they are ultimately successful in doing so. Izuku is eventually worn down to the point where he accepts Bakugo’s apology for all he’s done in the past. He is carried back to U.A. to recuperate, and while the residents there first treat him with scorn, Ochaco Uraraka gives a speech that convinces them to reconsider their perspective on the world, and as a result, they allow him to remain.

Because the body of Shigaraki is so close to being finished, All Might has sent an urgent call for assistance to the other Heroes. The arrival of America’s No. 1 Pro Hero, Star and Stripe, who will assist in vanquishing the evil. Shigaraki, however, puts up a struggle and helps All For One achieve their objective by taking New Order, Shigaraki’s Quirk. After he has finished decaying her, he chooses to get away since the New Order is wreaking havoc in the All For One Quirk vestige world. The Class 1-A and Pro Heroes who are still standing are making preparations to deploy their combined forces to engage the antagonists directly in combat and win the battle once and for all. However, things get more difficult when it is revealed that Yuga Aoyama is the “U.A. traitor,” having been given All For One’s Quirk and been coerced into working as a spy for the villain inside U.A. out of concern for the safety of his parents. In spite of the betrayal, the class understands his actual motivations and makes the decision to help him redeem himself by opposing the All For One movement. The destiny of the planet will be determined in the decisive fight that takes place between the Heroes and the Villains. The Heroes are successful in using Eraser Head’s scheme to coax the Villains out of hiding, where they are then split apart to prevent them from cooperating with one another. Dabi is knocked out thanks to Todoroki, but Bakugo suffers severe injuries at the hands of Shigaraki.